February 14th 2018


February 14th marks the 28th annual Women’s Memorial March for missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Considered as Canada’s poorest urban neighbourhood, the Downtown Eastside is characterized by extreme poverty, addiction, homelessness, and disproportionate levels of violence. Women, especially Indigenous women are particularly vulnerable to injury and injustice. Since 1992, the march has taken place on Valentine’s Day to express compassion, community, and caring for all women in the community, and continues to be led by matriarchs and elders with medicine.

While the Women’s Memorial march has grown in size since its inception, community members continue to honour the lives of the missing and murdered women and girls of the community. This powerful movement is open to all, and welcomes supporters of all ages. This year, intergenerational support was prevalent as young girls followed closely behind the Elders with baskets of roses: yellow roses for the missing, and red for the murdered.

A closer look at the march:

Find out more about the annual Women’s Memorial March and what you can do to support.

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