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50°22’10” N, 122°29’55” W

This popular Pemberton trail is well groomed and family and dog friendly. Despite certain steep sections, this hike is an easy climb with a rewarding view. The path is well groomed; any avid trail runner could easily run this non-technical terrain. The gorgeous turquoise glacier lakes offer a beautiful place to rest your feet and fuel up on a good packed lunch.

Remember: always pack up your garbage and leave the trail in better condition than you found it!

Contrary to popular belief, it is better to store your compost for later disposal as opposed to throwing it a few meters off the trail. While you might think one apple core or orange peel might not make much of a difference, think twice; these do accumulate quickly, especially on a popular and busy trail such as this one. Wildlife quickly become accustomed to our lazy habits, and are attracted by these smells.

Round-trip: 4h
Elevation Gain: 360m
Highest Point: 1570m
9.5 km – Out & Back

Located a near drive away from Whistler’s buzzing ski resort, this trail can be – at times – busting at the seems. I would recommend going early in the mornings to avoid the crowds, and to go on low-seasons. While this hike isn’t considered gruelling or highly physically demanding, proper footwear and gear is imperative! In addition, prepared your knapsack with a whistle, enough water for two people (believe me, you can never have too much water), snacks, an extra pair of socks, a space blanket, and any other first aid essentials.

Always tell somebody where you are going, and when you are expected to return.

I hiked Joffre Lakes during the Thanksgiving long weekend (the Canadian one). The weather was perfect and the leaves were just starting to turn, but the crowds were too much. We got to the trail-head early-ish (10am) which made the hike up more enjoyable than coming back down, where we had to dodge herds of people – some of whom are inexperienced with simple trail-etiquette. Once down, my friend told me they had counted over 130 people between the summit and the parking lot.

Pros: Picturesque landscapes. Low stakes with high reward. Family and pet friendly.
Cons: Too many people.

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