noun    INFORMAL  
         a kilometer

One More Klick

Hello! My name is Magali. I’m here to share my love of adventure and the way I see the world with you, with the help of my photographs. From a young age, photography had fascinated me: something about capturing the beauty and lights of emotions and moments – in turn –  captured me.

Perched on the silk-like sandstone wall of one of Antelope Canyon's corridors, I sit with my camera pointed to the sky above.

One More Klick features a blend of photography, the outdoors, and travel. In this blog, I share the stories behind klicks – both as a distance traveled and the sound of my camera – along with offering tips and tricks, and my accounts as I rediscover this beautiful backyard: the Pacific Northwest.

This photo was taken in Antelope Canyon by my good friend, Rune Carlson on our 2018 summer road trip through the United States.

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